18 October 2011

Shooting with Frank Miller -- best pics so far


It's been the first three weeks of Advanced Photojournalism classes at Dublin City University.
Here you can see the results of the first three assignments, evaluated by Frank Miller, photoeditor of "The Irish Times". Hover the mouse over the image to see the caption.

Topics as follows:
1. Autumn in a botanic garden
2. Environmental portrait of a scientist (thanks Ben)
3. Grafton Street Life

30/09/2011 -- DCU -- a sundial decorated with a deciduous leaf  on an alley leading to the main glasshouse in National Botanic Garden, Glasnevin Dublin. Photograph: Aleksander Szojda / DCU

6/10/2011 -- ADV PHOTOJOURNALISM -- Benjamin Smith (22) from Drogheda, a 4th year Analytical Science student at the Dublin City University. Before putting the flasks in order, he would put the protective glasses on. Photograph: Aleksander Szojda / DCU


13/10/2011 -- ADV PHOTOJOURNALISM -- A man waiting in front of St. Stephen's Green Shopping Centre, Grafton Street upper, during a busy, early afternoon. Photograph: Aleksander Szojda / DCU

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