23 December 2012

Home 4 xmas

Going home for Christmas in Spain: in this case, Granada-Madrid, about 450 kms, roughly 5hrs by bus.

It's one of the busier coach routes in Spain, and the coaches fill up even more during fiestas, such as Christmas or the Holy Week. Half the way, the coach(es) usually stop(s) at Casa Marcos, a motel and restaurant, located in a small town called Almuradiel, province of Ciudad Real (Castilla-La Mancha). It's almost exactly half the way between Granada and Madrid.

Most of the times it's only one coach having its 30-mins break. However, the day before Christmas Eve, there were many.

Recently those coaches stop at another inn too: more quiet, sleek, double as expensive. Self-service. However, in Casa Marcos you are served by middle-aged bartenders, dressed in white shirts and black bow ties.



20 December 2012

GARNATI ENSEMBLE vs J.S. Bach: Playing Goldberg

20/12/2012: Teatro CajaGRANADA, Granada, Spain
Próximamente, estos músicos magistrales actuarán el último viernes de cada mes, en el mismo lugar. RECOMIENDO.


18 December 2012


YEAR 2015. After years of gasping for breath, public education in Spain is pronounced dead.
University of Granada students, as well as their parents, friends and future classmates are taking to the streets to mourn over their loss.

DEP = RIP in Spanish.

18/12/2012: Plaza del Carmen, Granada, SPAIN

13 December 2012

They're making war and—guess what?—they want us to pay for it

Our education is not to pay their debts
December 13, Granada, Spain. We, the students, are still in protest.

The heading of this post refers to the 2005 Warren Buffet's statement for CNN:
It's class warfare, my class is winning, but they shouldn't be.

02 December 2012

Gender equality?

BLOG_maciekbasia (1 of 1)
We're touching serious social issues on this blog now. Basia & Maciek, fellow Granada's inhabitants.