27 May 2013


800 & sensitivity.olekszojda.com proudly announce: IT'S AWESOME TO BE THE WINNER.

Competition info: here [Spanish].

This year's theme was to foster reflection on development in poor countries, cooperation, fight against inequality and social exclusion.

I submitted four pics, all of which you can see below. All shot in Morocco. I decided to organize them according to what I consider to be the main four components of a developed country. Or four components that have to be present so that an underdeveloped country could move forward.

I'm not saying Morocco has them all. I'm just saying I have seen some pieces of each there. Otherwise there would have been nothing to photograph after all.

Educación / Education

Juventud / Youth

Esperanza / Hope

Participación / Social Engagement

17 May 2013

Yes, he's riding a horse.

This gentleman, as well as his entire family sit there and chat and ride their horse(s) almost every day.

15 May 2013

15-M: two years later

Once again, I'm in Spain this 15th day of May. The day when Madrid & its main square, Puerta del Sol, became the capital city of European & world protesters. Against the System, in favor of the Change. On the radio they've said today it was even part of "Spanish brand" now.

After Madrid came the others: Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, Granada, I've never seen such motivation before among the Spaniards; soon New York had its Occupy Wall Street. A world social movement without precedents.

That May 2011 I went to Plaza del Carmen, a small square in front of Granada's Town Hall. Some of my friends and classmates were already there. And I kept coming almost every day. Today I've only seen a small group of mostly middle-aged people.

Chanting in the same way they always do on such occasions. All of these friends of mine I sat next to on that same square are overseas these days.