31 October 2012

Querido ministro Wert

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El stand de la Delegación General de Estuidantes de la UGR, durante las últimas jornadas de recepción de estudiantes

"Cut your own balls off", says the message in cloud. José Ignacio Wert (right), Spain's Minister of Education, is seen as the main responsible for deep and painful cuts in public education, and, therefore, highly unpopular. The poster with a cloud, by means of which everybody could "say" anything they wanted to Mr. Wert, was set a week ago, during the Welcome Week for new students at the University of Granada, by the UGR's Students' Delegation.

Students' Politics in Granada

…am I already a politics-specialized photojournalist? No sh*t.
…o sea, ¿me he convertido en un reportero gráfico especializado en temas de política? Vaya…
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Delegación General de Estudiantes (DGE) Plenary Session gathers the representatives of every faculty or school of the University of Granada. Unlike the previous times, there has been no shortage of participants but chairs.
El Pleno de la Delegación General de Estudiantes (DGE) de la UGR: el tema de las sillas en el Salón de Grados de la Escuela Superior de Ingeniería de Edificación fue un poco complicadillo; esta vez no han faltado los participantes, sino—por lo visto—todo lo contrario.

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Ricardo Rosas (center): opening the ballot box. Fran Hidalgo (left) about to be elected the new DGE's Coordinator.
Ricardo Rosas (centro): abriendo la urna electoral. Fran Hidalgo, a partir de hoy, es el nuevo Coordinador de la DGE UGR.

28 October 2012

La primera Asamblea de la UGR

20/09/2012 -- La Mesa de la Primera Asamblea UGR: se reúnen los tres sectores de la Universidad: los alumnos, el Personal Docente e Investigador y el Personal de Administración y Servicios
20/09/2012, Granada, Spain; University of Granada (UGR) School of Science Main Hall –- The Committee of the First UGR Assembly

The event, by some considered historical, brought (for the first time into one venue) around 300 representatives of all three main parts of the University's community: students, lecturers and administrative staff. The reason for calling such a meeting originated from the disapproval of the Spanish government's austerity measures in education, reflected in Real Decreto 14/2012, a highly controversial act approved in April 2012 and applied eagerly by UGR authorities.

However, it is said that austerity measures are just a good excuse for a much more complex operation: to make public higher education fall into hands of big companies and submit it to the profitability rule, which would result in the extinction of independent scholarship, and a limited access to knowledge, impossible for the less wealthy.

Till the present day, 4 more Assemblies have already taken place in different UGR venues, as well as a number of street marches, pot-banging events, workshops and administrative staff's lockouts at a regular schedule—all against the direction in which .

20/09/2012 -- Primera Asamblea UGR: se reúnen los tres sectores de la Universidad: los alumnos, el Personal Docente e Investigador y el Personal de Administración y Servicios
The debate

26 October 2012

V Asamblea UGR

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Today, in Salón Rojo (The Red Hall) at the University of Granada's (UGR) School of Law has taken place the 5th session of the Assembly, #AsambleaUGR. It's a common initiative of students, teachers and administration staff, unified against Spanish government's policy of radical austerity measures in the area of public education; in consequence, the tuition fees are going through the roof while scholarships' offer is significantly reduced and the quality of lectures becomes noticeably poorer, due to the lecturers' increased workload.

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Daniel Galdiano volunteers to form part of the Committee of the 5th Assembly

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Carlos Guerrero, lecturer at the School of Translation and Interpreting has the floor during the debate.

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Daniel Galdiano presiding the debate. Above: portrait of Juan Carlos I, the King of Spain since 1976.

More info: http://asambleaugr.wordpress.com/

10 October 2012


Students fighting

Nightly occupation of Universidad de Granada's Facultad de Filosofía y Letras' main hall, against Spanish Gov's austerity measures, severely affecting public higher education

Right: Enrique Raya Lozano, the author of a public Complaint Form on the state of public education and lecturers' work conditions in view of austerity policies, read at the University of Granada's Senate session, and signed by 54 Senate members, addressed to the authorities of Universidad de Granada.

Personally speaking: occupations and marches, and so on, are dangerous at one point: they're easily converted into child's play, a festival of form, lacking of content…