16 March 2013

Universidad a la calle (II)

STREET UNIVERSITY: an event organized by #AsambleaUGR, students and lecturers of the University of Granada, aimed at raising awareness of the city of Granada's citizens, on the critical state of public education within Spanish state's economy. Celebrated yesterday, for the second time this academic year, and again at Plaza Bib-Rambla, a large square in the immediate neighborhood of Granada's famous cathedral. Previously, it looked like this.
Personally, I think it's an absolutely awesome piece of idea, even though it has never attracted too much of a crowd. Not yet.

13 March 2013

Rome-Madrid: a new pope called Francis, a man called "shit"


Now, when the pictures of the new pope Francis I have already gone all over the world, let us remember Saint Francis – who gave up his wealth and joined the poor. He is now remembered as probably one of the coolest catholic saints. You know, even animal-friendly.

To the point: yesterday in Madrid, Spain, a 90-years-old public solicitor Ángel Pelluz, in defense of four neo-Nazis who almost beat to death a 35-years-old homeless guy four years ago said: "That person living on the street was a provocation (…); now shit has always been picked up". [Source: El País http://ccaa.elpais.com/ccaa/2013/03/13/madrid/1363164091_201476.html].

Mr. Pelluz -- Mr. Goebbels wants to shake your hand.


08 March 2013

Sacromonte: December-March

Granada, Spain. A neighborhood where people inhabit white houses and caves.

06 March 2013

Postcards #1

Alhambra de Granada seen from Mirador de San Nicolás, Spain. One of these viewing points that are so beautiful one cannot possibly enjoy the view: too much people watching at once.

05 March 2013

#200 ENTRY


Well, first I was like: Ok, stay cool and try and publish an absolutely ass-kicking #200 entry, say, the best pics of the last year.

but then…

…it took me 2 months to figure out which are the best pics of 2012, while loads of new ones were flowing into my hard drive. Also, it eventually seemed rather lame:
Dudes, you MUST look at these photos because I THINK they're SO AWESOME. How about NO.


  • #200 ENTRY: IT'S STILL TRUE. Exactly 100 entries published in 2012; 99 published in 2011.
  • Blog's fan page has just kicked off (yes, now's a good moment to go to the like box below and… like)
  • I shift permanently to English: as I have no idea where am I going to live within the next few months, it should be simpler for everyone.


Now, say hello again to Enhanced Sensitivity 2013.



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