07 June 2014

My life's kind of a mess, yeah

Światoobraz [Heidegger's World Picture] exhibit @Pałac Branickich, Warsaw, PL

10 April 2014

Homeland (I)

"Homeland" series is to develop as part of a project that should get me into photography class at Polish Filmschool in Łódź. Keep checkin' out (tag: "homeland").

25 March 2014

My Best Friend

...is Tygrys. Tygrys [Polish: "tiger"] appears to be pretty darn good at modeling.

07 March 2014

The Nun

I can see a monastery from my bedroom. I have never seen any humans in its orchard. This is the very first time.

Ukraine has been bullied

20/02/2014: TV interview performed in front of Ukrainian embassy in Warsaw, PL

06 January 2014

After 4 years abroad I feel like I need to rediscover my country



This is Warsaw on 6 January 2014: city celebration of Epiphany.

All these crowns make them look even sadder than they really are.