27 November 2012

To be?

Does it not, think thee, stand me now upon—
He that hath killed my king and whored my mother,
Popped in between th' election and my hopes,
Thrown out his angle for my proper life
(And with such cozenage!)—is ’t not perfect conscience
To quit him with this arm? And is ’t not to be damned
To let this canker of our nature come
In further evil?

24 November 2012

Delegación General de Estudiantes: el Pleno

Universidad de Granada: Friday 23 November; the plenary session of Delegación General de Estudiantes (DGE), the highest institution representing the students before the University's authorities, and made up exclusively of students.

Picture: DGE's Secretary, Ricardo Rosas, is putting down the names of DGE Plenary members wishing to form part of specialized commissions: Financial, Academic, Law and Non-Academic Activities.

Photo: last session's schedule and a remote for an electronic vote system, used for the first time ever at DGE's session

23 November 2012

Comedores en lucha

University of Granada's Restaurant Service is on strike—everyday, from 1-1:15pm, for the same reason as everybody else: austerity cuts. The cooks are not to be underestimated; they feed thousands of students of the University every day.

22 November 2012

15 November 2012

14-N: Spain's on strike. A holistic vision

School of Translation & Interpreting, Universidad de Granada: preparation of banners for this afternoon's massive street march…

…not everybody is on strike though. La huelga general is supposed to be a national strike, supported not only by the trade unions and similar organisms, but by literally everyone: shopkeepers, taxi drivers and university teachers.

These who overtly do not support the strike, expose themselves to ostracism. In the best of the cases, they have to prepare themselves to find stickers as the one on the picture above, or—if they're unlucky—to see a brick coming through a broken window.

La rotonda del Triunfo: Granada's city center. The afternoon march starts here. Academic community—students, teachers and administrative staff—is marching together.

BLOG_14N (2)
See the round little thing attached to the helicopter's skid? It's a camera. It's been up there all day long, watching the protests.

Andrés supports #AsambleaUGR, an initiative aimed at joining forces of the entire academic community against higher tuition fees, decreasing tuition quality and businesses taking over the university. The movement is symbolized by a green piece of cloth—green's traditionally the color of an education sector; it is also a subtle analogy to the red cloths, worn by students in Québec, during the so-called Printemps québécois.

14 November 2012

What does "huelga general" mean?

It means that everybody, literally, either has to be on strike or support it.
The whole Spain's been on strike today.

Gran Vía, Granada, Spain

13 November 2012

Huelga General 14-N

Tomorrow we, the students (among others), are on strike—again.

12 November 2012

Universidad a la calle

University in the street: an initiative by #AsambleaUGR, students and lecturers, aimed at raising Granada's citizens' awareness of the critical state of public education and national economy; celebrated today on one of the main squares: Plaza Bib-Rambla, in the immediate neighborhood of the cathedral.

The location is more than symbolic: back in the 16th century, the Spanish Inquisition burned all the books from the Al-Andalus period, owned by universidad de la Madraza (the predecessor of today's Universidad de Granada) so that nothing was left from its Moorish cultural and academic legacy.

BLOG_uni a la calle
BLOG_uni a la calle (2)
Inscription on the banner says: Québec and Spain together in favor of public quality school. Students' protests against higher tuition fees in Québec earlier this year reached their goal and involved the rest of the society, after Canadian government had tried to thwart them by means of establishing utterly anti-democratic laws

BLOG_uni a la calle-2
Concepción Sánchez, lecturer at the School of Translation & Interpreting, Universidad de Granada, giving her lecture with a following wind;)