26 October 2012

V Asamblea UGR

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Today, in Salón Rojo (The Red Hall) at the University of Granada's (UGR) School of Law has taken place the 5th session of the Assembly, #AsambleaUGR. It's a common initiative of students, teachers and administration staff, unified against Spanish government's policy of radical austerity measures in the area of public education; in consequence, the tuition fees are going through the roof while scholarships' offer is significantly reduced and the quality of lectures becomes noticeably poorer, due to the lecturers' increased workload.

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Daniel Galdiano volunteers to form part of the Committee of the 5th Assembly

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Carlos Guerrero, lecturer at the School of Translation and Interpreting has the floor during the debate.

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Daniel Galdiano presiding the debate. Above: portrait of Juan Carlos I, the King of Spain since 1976.

More info: http://asambleaugr.wordpress.com/


  1. ¡La última imagen me encanta! Mucha fuerza, y me gusta el contraste que creo que has querido mostrar entre Galdiano y el Rey.

    1. El contraste es lo que hay... if you know what I mean:) (BTW el contraste entre el color de su camiseta y la capa del Rey... me encanta hasta a mí persona humilde:)))