12 November 2012

Universidad a la calle

University in the street: an initiative by #AsambleaUGR, students and lecturers, aimed at raising Granada's citizens' awareness of the critical state of public education and national economy; celebrated today on one of the main squares: Plaza Bib-Rambla, in the immediate neighborhood of the cathedral.

The location is more than symbolic: back in the 16th century, the Spanish Inquisition burned all the books from the Al-Andalus period, owned by universidad de la Madraza (the predecessor of today's Universidad de Granada) so that nothing was left from its Moorish cultural and academic legacy.

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Inscription on the banner says: Québec and Spain together in favor of public quality school. Students' protests against higher tuition fees in Québec earlier this year reached their goal and involved the rest of the society, after Canadian government had tried to thwart them by means of establishing utterly anti-democratic laws

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Concepción Sánchez, lecturer at the School of Translation & Interpreting, Universidad de Granada, giving her lecture with a following wind;)

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