12 April 2013

Granada, Spain – Québec, Canada


Here we are, these annoying students moaning about their rights once again. Yesterday my very own School of Translation & Interpreting of the University of Granada, Spain, hosted a small conference chaired by Andrea Sánchez.

Andrea presented an audiovisual material she and a group of volunteers translated & subtitled over the past few months. It is now available on this blog: http://traductoresporlaeducacion.blogspot.com.es/ [Spanish subs, videos mostly in French].

The content are mainly videos, related to and depicting Le printemps Québécois, i.e. a series of massive protests of Quebecker students which happened last academic year, as a response to radically raised tuition fees. The protests provoked an overreaction of Canadian government. This led to the implementation of a number of openly antidemocratic regulations, such as limitations to the right to gather, etc. In effect, the whole Quebecker society found itself involved in which no longer was a student-only case, and demonstrated a huge amount of solidarity with the students.

By consequence, the tuition fees were frozen. Andrea (who spent her last year abroad studying in Montreal) & her group try to show similar things are possible in Spain, which is the reason why the blog was created and all the audiovisual material subtitled. So that everybody (at our university at least) can see the assault at the public higher education system, being carried out by current Spanish right-wing government, can be stopped. We just need to be unified and active.

Now playing: the videos from Québec @ School of Translation & Interpreting, University of Granada

Andrea is playing the videos. On the screen: The students go into action EVERYWHERE

In front of Andrea: pines verdes, i.e. small, green squares of cloth, used as a symbol of resistance at the University of Granada

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