05 March 2013

#200 ENTRY


Well, first I was like: Ok, stay cool and try and publish an absolutely ass-kicking #200 entry, say, the best pics of the last year.

but then…

…it took me 2 months to figure out which are the best pics of 2012, while loads of new ones were flowing into my hard drive. Also, it eventually seemed rather lame:
Dudes, you MUST look at these photos because I THINK they're SO AWESOME. How about NO.


  • #200 ENTRY: IT'S STILL TRUE. Exactly 100 entries published in 2012; 99 published in 2011.
  • Blog's fan page has just kicked off (yes, now's a good moment to go to the like box below and… like)
  • I shift permanently to English: as I have no idea where am I going to live within the next few months, it should be simpler for everyone.


Now, say hello again to Enhanced Sensitivity 2013.



Yours truly,



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