13 March 2013

Rome-Madrid: a new pope called Francis, a man called "shit"


Now, when the pictures of the new pope Francis I have already gone all over the world, let us remember Saint Francis – who gave up his wealth and joined the poor. He is now remembered as probably one of the coolest catholic saints. You know, even animal-friendly.

To the point: yesterday in Madrid, Spain, a 90-years-old public solicitor Ángel Pelluz, in defense of four neo-Nazis who almost beat to death a 35-years-old homeless guy four years ago said: "That person living on the street was a provocation (…); now shit has always been picked up". [Source: El País http://ccaa.elpais.com/ccaa/2013/03/13/madrid/1363164091_201476.html].

Mr. Pelluz -- Mr. Goebbels wants to shake your hand.


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