13 November 2013

Camino Accounts III

Day 2. Spain. Roncesvalles - Larrasoaña

The mountains are over; however, we remain in a zone of many ups and downs, which can get really exhausting. Just add the blazing sun and, well, you're there. Sweating a lot. Swearing at the cars passing by. Why the hell do they drive so close the edge of the road.

A quick look into my Travel Diary. I put down one interesting thing: The flies here in Larrasoaña seem to be a separate ethnic group, I suppose. The place was just full of them.

That's the end of the day. The beginning, however, goes like this: it was a cool, clear morning. When we left the village of Roncesvalles behind, the trail led us into the woods. We all received a blessing from a priest passing by. Later, we had our first north-Spain-style breakfast: coffee and empanadilla. Check it out. Empanadilla (although in its many variants) would be my principal nutrition during the next four weeks.

I was glad to leave into the cold mist of morning. I was glad to leave the huge Hospital de Peregrinos so full of foreign volunteers, of which few spoke decent Spanish. The Complaint Form would grow over time, I promise.

Introducing: GPS map & profile; a priest [ES] and Peng [ZH].

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