16 November 2013

Camino Accounts V

Day Four. Cizur Menor - Puente La Reina

Introducing: Nicolas from Plusquellec, Bretagne, France

This guy carried his own sleeping gear, i.e. two backpacks. I remember walking through some huge vineyard early in the morning and seeing him waking up. Right in the middle of the vineyard.

This day I beat my own personal record in low-spending. I spent a total of 12,10 EUR. 8 EUR below my daily limit. Heck yeah.

I also longed for being alone. Unbelievable: the Camino is a kind of journey that leaves you alone a lot; it even makes you suffer completely on your own. When you happen to walk with no company and the sun is burning your skin for hours and your water reservoir is already dry. Some people long for loneliness, "to get some rest from the usual noise of everyday life". It's completely the other way round in my case though.

And yet, this huge albergue in Puente La Reina (100+ spots) made me wish I'd been left alone. Actually, there is something appalling about the crowd in general, right?

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