25 November 2013

Camino Accounts VI: Elena

Day Five & Day Six

Puente La Reina - Estella; Estella - Sansol.
Introducing: Elena from Azqueta (below).

The GPS went crazy on the way to Sansol. One reason for it could have been the temperature. We decided not to finish in Los Arcos, which was a more popular town to stay in. We continued to Sansol instead, which meant we had to walk when we weren't supposed to: the sun gest really nasty between 1-4 pm. Well, we stepped into an albergue in Sansol around 2.30 pm.

On the way though, I experienced one of the things you less and less often stumble upon these days. After one or two mini-chocolate buns for "breakfast" I was just craving for some coffee and whatever else to forget about the black hole in my stomach, about to break-open a vending machine when, around the corner... there it is! 

A glorious, small stand, in front of some house; and a clear message: help yourself with a small breakfast. There is coffee, tea, fruits, biscuits, I mean... everything. It is run by Elena; she'd like to open a real albergue in the future. In the meanwhile, she just makes everyone happy with that little stand around the corner in Azqueta village.

And there's Elena's brother, playing the hang drum. Hang drum makes a very particular kind of sound: even though a musician is actually playing, you tend to interpret it as some kind of an ambient sound. It's so delightful. 

Oh, and don't believe the GPS accounts between Estella and Sansol. It was actually almost 30 kms; the GPS just went crazy at some point and I only realized it a couple of kilometers before reaching Sansol. You can see it on the GPS track profile.

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