15 November 2013

Camino Accounts IV

Day 3. Larrasoaña - Cizur Menor

I was debating with myself over this new entry for quite a while, as I realized I had taken more than one and more than two really nice shots that day. This is different than Day One, when I took hardly any publishable pics. 

It's interesting, as this here was a rather short day. True, we got to Pamplona, the first big city on the Way; but we didn't spend much time there and made it to Cizur Menor early in the afternoon. Once there, we had plenty of time to relax and talk and eat together, and talk some more and drink wine.

There was clara con limón too, i.e. beer mixed with lemonade - which Alex, Álvaro and I made our small daily ritual.

This is Kirsten (the photo below). Kirsten walked with her mom. They're from Cape Cod, Massachusetts. We had some fine conversation together; I was told nobody believes there's real life going on the Cape. Then I explained them some ancient Polish spelling rules. It was rather interesting then, I guess. 

I hope Kirsten gets to see this portrait. I was going to improve it somehow, but soon I realized it didn't need almost any post-editing. Also, I realized I don't need to publish any more pictures from the Day Three. Kirsten nails it. ;)

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